Dead Poets Society Review

The Dead Poets Society is a really good movie that stars Robin Williams, Ethan Hawke, and Robert Sean Leonard.  The plot of this movie is basically that there is a new English teacher at this all boys preparatory school who tries to teach kids to think for themselves rather than to just write down “the correct” answer straight for the textbook.  Robin Williams really shines in his role as Mr. Keating because before this movie Robin Williams was mainly known for being a comic and being in funny movies.  He slowed down his approach and really mastered what the character stood for.

Ethan Hawke plays a character named Todd Anderson.  This is his first year at the school and is expected to do very well by the principle/ headmaster.  He is very shy which plays a big role in his character.  There are times when you wish he opens up and talks but wont which can be frustrating.  Overall his character seemed a little underwhelming but by the end of the movie his character grew to become someone much different from the first half of the movie.


Robert Sean Leonards role in the movie is named Neil Perry.  He in my eyes is the main character.  He struggles do do things for himself because his father seems to control his life.  If he wants to do something his father always seems to shut him down.  His dad wants him to do fulfill his wishes and have a career that makes him the most money.  Neil on the other hand wants to do more adventure and to try new things and it really shapes his character.  He is also the driving force for Todd Anderson and besides Mr. Keating, he is the main character driving to create the Dead Poets Society.

I think what this movie does best is portray time over a long school year, and create a world with with tons of interesting characters that all seems to have rich backstory.  Robin Williams Shows that he is not just a comedian but also a great actor

I’d say the Dead Poets Society get a 4.5/5

Carpe Diem!


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