Spider Man 3 review

I haven’t watched Spiederman 3 since I was in elementary school but have some prior knowledge on the way it is known as the worst movie out of the original spiederman trilogy.  First off I still think this movie is better than any of the newer Amazing Spider Man films.  I think that Toby McGuire is the superior spider man in my opinion.  I feel that he portrays the socially awkward nerdy kid peter parker that Andrew Garfield just wasn’t able to pull off.  In the amazing Spieder man Peter Parker is just some weird edgy skater dude who is kind of “cool” which is something Peter Parker isn’t referred to oftenly.

Anyways, even with all the crap people talk about this movie, it was definitely watchable.  All the fight scenes in this movie were really good and I feel the c.g.i. has mostly aged well accept for some same things that look kinda goofy.  The best looking scene of the movie was all c.g.i. and it looks beautiful, our introduction to sandman looks great and felt good to look at.



Though I don’t think this movie was as bad as some say it definitely suffers from some flaws, for example there are way to many characters.  I mean come on there’s at least three villains. That’s way too many they should have only been one at the most.  The first two movies found success in having one strong villain that worked against Spidey in compelling ways.

Obviously we can’t forget about the emo dance scene and peter makes his way downtown looking real fly and unknowingly making memes for many years to come.  Some p pole think that’s the worst part of the movie but I probably had the most fun watching that part out of the entire movie.

Overall Spider Man three is much better than it’s put out to be but still isn’t very good but, I had some fun when I watched it.  I’ll give Spider Man three a



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