Chef Review

Chef is a great movie that is a ton of fun.  I would recommend you have some kind of outstanding food dish near you at all times when watching this movie.  It will make you very hungry, and for good reason.  If you don’t have food near you then good luck!  I doubt you’ll make it past the half hour mark.

Jon Favreau does a good job of portraying a really good cook considering hes not and actual chef.  He also did a good job as an actor too.  His character is struggling trying to be a cook and a father at the same time.  This is an okay way to make the story more interesting but comes off a little bit cliche the more I look at it.

What eventually happens in the last 45 minutes is continuously intend at throughout the first half of the movie and really ruined the surprise of the movie.  Surprisingly though a lot of the movie is him working in his restaurant rather than in the food truck.  Based off all the images I saw before the movie and and the early hinting I thought much more of the movie would of been in the food truck but it ended up being less than half of the movie.


Chef is actually really funny, you will enjoy watching if you like to laugh, plus all the good looking food helps.  It’s enjoyable in the way that anyone can watch it.  This movie can be a family affair.  There will be some jokes that older people will get and some for younger kids.

One kinda weird but also cool thing that happens is it turns from a movie about a chef just trying to make good food and struggling to a road trip movie going cross country.  It can be a little off putting but the road trip section is still enjoyable to watch.

The ending of chef is a tad far fetched.  I kind of expected it to happen and it did happen but it was a semi satisfying ending but a little to much fairytale action for me.

Overall chef is a pretty enjoyable movie that will keep you watching till the end.

3/5 for the tasty food


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