Frank Review

Frank is one of the more interesting movies I’ve seen in a really long time.  I had no idea it existed until my dad had said that he had heard it was good as we were scrolling through Netflix.  Overall Frank tells a really unique story that is completely original when compared to any other movies being released in the past five years or so.

Even though the story mainly revolves around Frank the main character is this young pianist just learning the roots of music, who is played by Dohnmall Gleeson.  He does a really good job at portraying the character.  The real star of the show is Frank.  He is played by Michael fastbendern in one of his most interesting portrayals of a character since he couldn’t actually show his face or any emotion with anything else than his voice since he is wearing a paper mache mask the entire movie.


This movie would suck if it had none of the characters it does.  All the band members have a very interesting take on things and since a large portion of the movie is just them together in a house out in the country.  At the beginning they didn’t trust the new keyboard player but eventually they get together and start playing.  Then a bunch of stuff happens and Yata yata the movie ends, and it ends really well.  It gave some certainty for some characters and not for others but that, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Frank is also really funny.  They don’t use cheap fart jokes or anything like that and it will really make you laugh.  The difference with this movie is that it knows when to be serious and when to joke which helps serate itself with some other movies *cough* *cough* Adam Sandler movies.

Frank is a great film that tells a funny yet serious story with some really great characters that shows what a unique story can do. I give frank

4/5 paper mache heads


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