Logan Review

Logan is a great movie, especially to send off Hugh Jackman and possibly Patrick Stewart.  It completely undoes what the past wolverine movies did to tarnish the character and sets the future X-men movies off into the right direction.

The year is now 2029 and almost all mutants are extinct.  Wolverine now works as a limo driver basically just passing people through the border between Mexico and America.  Professor X is now a decrepit old man and has lost most of his touch with his powers.  He suffers from some very intense seizures that causes everyone everyone around him to basically be paralyzed but Logan seems to be a little less effected because he can still slightly move.


After Logan meets up with the nurse and her girl, the rest of the movie is somewhat of a road trip movie.  Logan is trying to take this girl to hideout past the border in Canada  so she can basically meet up with her friends.  Of course nothing is going to go perfectly and they’ve got to fight their way through tons of trials and tribulations.

A new character is introduced who is played by Stephan Merchant who I thought was pretty good.  I’ve never heard of him before but he is in the comics apparently.  He didn’t play a major role but I did enjoy his screen time.  Someone who I definitely won’t forget soon was Dafne Keen.  She freaked me out and she’s only a kid.  It’s pretty crazy to see a little girl stabbing dudes through the throut and running around screaming.

Even if you haven’t seen any of the other X-men/ Wolverine movies I would highly encourage you to go out and see this movie.  It’s a great time especially if your into movies with really fun and intense action plus a good story.

4/5 Adamantium claws through the head


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