The Room Review

The room is the best movie I’ve ever seen and possibly the best movie I’ll ever see.  The room stars Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero, and Juliette Danielle.  This movie is good already but Tommy Wiseau’s portrayal of Johnny just makes this one of the best movies you’ll ever see.

The basic wraparound of the plot is a man and his fiancé live together in their San Francisco apartment where everything seems to be going well between the two but Johnnys wife Lisa seems to have darker intentions.  Really just a story written by Jesus himself, I’m not sure a normal human can compose such a masterpiece.


I know I’ve already talked about Tommy Wiseua a lot, but let’s talk about him even more.  He must’ve just not been allowed into the Oscars because he would’ve won literally every award there.  It’s a shame he hasn’t got the credit he deserves for his preformance.  He just lays his heart no soul into the movie, delivering his lines with such confidence.  Just talking about this makes me want to just go watch the movie now for the fourteenth time.

I didn’t mention here before but one of the best supporting characters is the grandma.   Meryl Streep who!  Yeah she’s that awesomeness of an actor, she deserves more roles in the future.  And who couldn’t forget about Denny. He is complete and most certainly important to the development of the movie, it’s not like he was completely useless and didn’t do anything the whole movie or anything ;).  He also randomly bought some drugs from a guy on the rooftop of their building out of nowhere….    uh I mean “yes that was very nessecary to move the story along.”

Before I forget to mention this, there is also like seven or eight sex scenes in the move which was kind of weird.  I think three of them were within the first twenty minutes.  I won’t get much further than that but I will say this, Lisa definitely gets around…

To conclude what will definitely go down as one of the best reviews for one of he best movies to ever exist I will give The Room

12,348/ 5 for reasons made very obvious 🙂


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