The Shawshank Redemption Review

The Shawshank redemption is a very good movie.  An instant classic that should be re watched for generations to come.  The two stars of the film are Morgan Freeman and Tim Robins.  They play their roles phenomenally.  Andy Dufresne the successful banker who was questionably charged with murder and Red Redding the man who can get you anything.

The unlikely pair eventually intertwine and become good friend even if they are stuck behind bars.  Andy starts out doing the laundry but once the warden realizes how smart Andy is, he has him work for him.  The warden uses Andy to help himself make a massive profit, especially considering that the movie is set in the 50’s.  Even if the warden thinks Andy is really help him, he has other plans…

There are no big problems with the movie only really small things that wont really change the course of the film.  Some of those little annoyances are that nobody every checked the poster? Really?  I was going to write some more complaints down, but I really can’t think of anything else.  I guess that just shows how good the movie is but seriously prison guards, just check the poster okay?


The first hour and a half are really good, like really good, but that last hour is just great.  Its exciting to see how some of these crazy secrets are revealed and how the plot wraps up is really nice.  I love to see how the whole story wraps up in such a satisfying fashion, it really makes the movie for me.

I think the main theme of this movie is hope which is very ironic considering their in prison, a place where you always have to watch your back, especial somewhere like the showers… but I wont get into that.  Someone like Red is always trying to get his parole.  Every ten years he’s interviewed and just gives  what he thinks is s good answer, but after he gets rejected over and over and he just decides to say “screw it” but what do you know he gets out.  It shows that hope really can be anywhere.

The Shawshank Redemption is a classic that should never be forgotten.  It sets the standard for any movie and hope something this deep and meaning full will be released i the future.

5/5 for my awesome Photoshop job



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