John Wick 2 Review

John Wick 2 is a fun action movie that will keep you watching.  It looks good to the eyes in the way the camera work and lighting is done.  You just feel like your watching something epic when you see this movie.  In the fight scenes Keanu Reeves shows how good of an action star he can be, except for all the other times when e actually has to say words in the film.

I personally haven’t seen the first movie, but the beginning of the film helped me quickly get up to speed on what kind of person John Wick is and how frightening his name is to all that oppose him.

It starts out with a cool action scene in which John gets his car back and kicks some major butt.  After that it is mainly setting up the rest of the movie for John and the audience.  This was probably the most boring part of the movie.  I know it was necessary but I feel it could have been shorter because it made the movie rely on John Wick the character and not so much John Wick the butt kicker.  Maybe halfway through the movie is were it really picks up.  Right after the first fight sequence since the opening scene there is a really fun fist fight John has with Commons character, which really kick started the movie for me.  After that John does what he has to do and a sequel is set up pretty well.


My main issue with the movie has nothing to do with the action.  All of the action is really good and maybe some of the best I’ve seen.  But back to the point, my biggest issue is Keanu Reeves acting, when he isn’t fighting.  He just sounds dumb, like hes never been in a movie before.  It really takes me out of the film.  It really takes me out of immersion.  When I watch a movie, I want to believe what i’m seeing, not laughing.  The film seems aware of his bad acting so thy make him only speak when he absolutely needs too, but still it feels like too much.  One other little thing that bugged me also was these weird subtitles that just kept on showing up the entire movie.  Its nothing big but I felt they just did not look  good at all.

John Wick 2 is still a good action movie with a plot that will keep the movie going but not much else and the acting can take you out of the movie.  It is still very enjoyable to watch and for that i’ll give it a

3.5/5  because John Wicks dog is pretty cute


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