The Dark Knight Review

The Dark Knight is one of the best movies of the 2000’s for sure but, not only is the Dark Knight one of the best superhero movies ever made, it’s also just a great standalone movie.  Everything from the opening bank robbery that starts the film to any of the intense joker scenes about how he “got these scars.”  I thinkk the best part of this film is Heath Ledgers world famous interpretation of the Joker.  Compared to something like Uh…    Suicide Squad, Ledger makes Jared Leto just look like a lame Indy rock singer that is out of a job.  Whenever Leto pulls out his little hand tattoo and starts doing his little laugh all I can do is well, laugh and think about an actual good movie like the Dark Knight.

There are only a few negatives in this movie.  Like, What is Batman saying?  Sometimes it just sounds like he’s gargling marbles.  I  mean couldn’t they have just toned it done a tad.  Luckily I am still able get most of the key words out of the bat.




The main issue of this movie is the way Harvey Dent is treated near the end of the film.  I like the way he becomes Two Face, and I can feel why is angry.  My main issues with him is that for the the whole movie he’s running for mayor and is helping clean up Gotham. He is what would’ve been best for Gotham but after a tragic event his ways completely change, and in about the span of about five minutes he becomes a murderous villain.  His second  problem is that by the end of the movie he’s gone.  The way they set him up made it seem like he could’ve been in the next movie but they just ended up killing hi off in a somewhat unsatisfying way.

To conclude, The Dark Knight is a beautiful movie that sets the standard for any future superhero movies to come.  With great acting and some unforgettable scenes I have decide to give the Dark Knight…

4.5/5  pencils to the forehead






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